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wpa_supplicant and ap_scan=2

On Wed, Jan 25, 2006 at 10:04:52AM -0600, John H. wrote:

> you need to have ap_scan=2 if you want to get on hidden networks, right?

If the driver supports scanning for a specific SSID, it is also possible
to use ap_scan=1 with scan_ssid=1 in the network configuration block.
Otherwise, ap_scan=2 would be needed.

> in wpa_supplicant, if i have ap_scan=2 and have the hidden one listed
> second, it NEVER gets to it.  however, if i put it first, i can not
> get on the broadcast ssid.
> so for now i have to have hidden one listed first, and switch to
> ap_scan=1 if i want to get on the broadcast one.

Which version of wpa_supplicant are you using? 0.4.2 added support for
trying to associate with multiple networks one by one in ap_scan=2 mode.

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