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Invited talks

  1. Automation of Floodway Models for HEC-RAS. November 11, 2016. PDH Day, Georgia Society of Professional Engineers. Georgia Tech Student Center, Atlanta, GA.
  2. Let-It-Rain: A Web-based Stochastic Rainfall Generator. April 20, 2016. Dewberry.
  3. Effect of Spatial Variability on a Distributed Hydrologic Model. May 6, 2015. Kyungpook National University.
  4. Impacts of Climate Change and Land-Cover Changes on Water Resources: Methodology Review. May 6, 2015. The Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology.
  5. Improved Search for Local Optima in Particle Swarm Optimization. May 6, 2015. Hongik University.
  6. 오픈소스 소프트웨어를 이용한 수문모델링 (Hydrologic Modeling Using Open Source Software). April 30, 2015. The Korea Water Resources Corporation.

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